Tony Yayo, Lil Wayne 'Free' Campaigns 'Same Scenario'


Jail isn't the business, but it can seem unavoidable at times in hip-hop. Recently, G-Unit's Tony Yayo talked about Lil Wayne's current jail stretch and what it's really like going to the clink.

"In my mind, I don't know what Wayne was feeling, but when you go over that bridge and the bus is bumping and you see the big sign it's an eerie feeling, it's something you never forget," said Yayo.

The Queens native was locked up in 2003, during his homie 50 Cent's rise to stardom. Then after only a few hours of freedom, Yayo went back inside for another charge. Drawing on his own experience, the rapper said reform will most likely be the first thing Lil Wayne does when he hits the bricks.

"I'm quite sure that when he gets out he's going to move smart, correctly and in the best way," said Yayo. "A guy of his stature doesn't need to be in jail right now."

While Yayo was locked up, 50 Cent and G-Unit kicked off a "Free Yayo" campaign with t-shirts and other items to show solidarity and support for their imprisoned comrade. Now, Lil Wayne is enjoying a similar out pour of love.

"It's the same exact scenario, Em wore the ["Free Yayo" shirt] at the Grammy's," recalled the Talk of New York. "50 was screaming 'Free Yayo' as well as Banks and Buck, you know it's all love."

And while calls of "Free Yayo" could have been discouraging, the G-Unit member said it was encouraging.

"I think it makes you realize your value," said Yayo. "He realizes his value now."