Birdman Calls Nicki Minaj's 'Right Through Me' 'Raw'


Nicki Minaj wants you to see "Right Through" her and after checking out your reactions to her new song, we asked Birdman for his opinion too.

"I think this new single is your love to another level," said Birdman of "Right Through Me."

Although "Right Through Me" was originally slated to hit radio stations and the web on October 1 as the first single from her forthcoming Pink Friday album, the track leaked a bit early but it hasn't been a hindrance. In fact, the track's given Nicki Minaj a chance to get her Queen Latifah on, rhyming and a little bit of something else.

"She's skillful, she's singing," he added.

Despite being the only lady on the Cash Money, Birdman says the Nickster used this cut to speak on what a relationship is like, the good and the bad.

"She's representing being a lady, it's raw," said Birdman. "I think it's a huge record on all formats."

Nicki's so popular that not only is she getting attention--and record spins--from every genre, from pop to urban, people are manufacturing Barbie appearances.

Recently, we caught up with a few students from the Mont Clair University in New Jersey, where Minaj was rumored to perform for the school's homecoming festivities. She wasn't actually planning to appear of course and Nicki set the record straight on Twitter. She even outed the man behind the faux concert by displaying his contact information on her Twitter page, before deleting it sometime later Thursday (September 23) afternoon.