Drake Is A U.S. Resident, Talks Tupac


Has Toronto's star player left the team? Drake announced that he's packing up and, like Lil Wayne said, moving to South Florida's famous beach town.

"Waking up in Miami, there's something about it man," Drake told MTV News.

Don't be nervous Canadian RapFix readers, Drizzy is still keeping his residence in the T. Dot. However, since he's selling so many records, concert tickets and racking in endorsement dough from companies like Sprite and maybe AT&T in conjunction with Blackberry—notice the interview's background, not as sexy as we'd like, but whatcha gonna do?—Drake says he had to join the American rank and file.

"For tax purposes, I need a U.S. residence," said Drake. So he's officially moved in right?

"Yeah," he continued. "But I didn't necesarily move here, I still live in Toronto but I have a residence here now so I'll be splitting my time. I still love Toronto with all my heart, it's the greatest place in the world but I just needed to come to the U.S."

But it's not all hard work.

"Waking up in Miami is nice," Drake said.

The Young Money MC also acknowledged the recent anniversary of Tupac Shakur's death and remembered the icon.

"I rediscovered music from 'Pac more recently, same with a lot of classic rappers that I listen to," Drake said. "It's always sad to lose somebody especially with so much potential. 'Pac was amazing, he changed a lot of people's lives."

Hopefully Drake will be as prolific as the late MC. But considering his Young Money boss Lil Wayne has enough material to last two lifetime, we'd guess Drizzy knows what he should be doing down there in MIA. Hit Factory anyone?