Tony Yayo's Mother's Home Wasn't 'Shot' For Record Sales


Tony Yayo admits that his mother's home was riddled with bullets, but not for his benefit.

"I didn't go tell whomever shot my mother's house up 'Yo, go shoot the doors up to help me sell records,' " the G-Unit rapper said. "You think I did that?"

During yesterday's (September 23) "RapFix Live" show, after a fan, Kristen from Brooklyn, NY, asked if Tony Yayo and his buddies had any skirmishes on the horizon, the rapper attempted to clear any misconceptions.

"We're not famous for the beef, we're not," said the Talk of New York. " 'In Da Club' was 50's record, 'On Fire' was Banks' hit record along with 'Beamer, Benz or Bentley' along with whatever else is in his catalog, mine was 'So Seductive' and 'Pimpin.' If we didn't make these hit records, they wouldn't spin on radio. Wherever media wants to take something, they're going to take it and do whatever they want to do with it."

Then Sway, playing devil's advocate, pointed out that the Queens trio has used drama to their advantage in the past and the results were often a reliable catalyst for records sales. From 50 Cent's first LP Get Rich or Die Tryin' where he beefed with Ja Rule and Murder Inc, then Fat Joe and D-Block for The Massacre and then playfully with Kanye West and, not so playfully, Cam'ron on the road to the release of Curtis. The last LP even got its name from Cam's diss song and video entitled "Curtis" which the Dip Set vet released to shame Fif. Instead, the savvy Queens millionaire took the trend and adopted the nickname for his personal gain.

Still, Yayo stood his ground and explained that street business isn't something one can manipulate.

"You have 50 being shot in front of his grandmother's house nine times in broad daylight, this is stuff that people think can't happen that happens," said Yayo of Fif's attack back in TK. "So I don't understand, how is someone shooting at me helping me sell records? These n-----s are trying to kill me. If the Daily News and the New York Post want to pick up the story, they're gonna pick up the story."

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