Kid Cudi 'Scared Straight' By Jail

After admitting his obvious cocaine use in Complex, Kid Cudi chatted with Spin about going to jail for his transgressions.

“If I’m gonna be going to jail, I’m not gonna be doing this no more,” Cudi says, adopting a childlike voice, masking the incident’s seriousness via RapRadar.

On June 11, Kid Cudi was arrested in New York and charged with felony criminal mischief and possession of a controlled substance after authorities were called to respond to a disturbance involving the rapper and an unidentified woman. A spokesman for the New York Police Department declined to provide additional information regarding the controlled substance found on the rapper and, despite rumors of liquid cocaine, Cudi was released in time to perform at the Bonnaroo festival the next weekend.

In the interview,  the MC mentioned two other rappers who always seem to be on the wrong side of the law.

"I had a newfound respect for T.I. and Wayne," said Cudi. "I only spent 15 hours in there! I was scared straight, going through the shakes, having no food, being held captive. It didn’t matter who I was in the world.”

Someone should have told Cudi to get arrested in Los Angeles, just look at Lindsay Lohan. The piece also highlighted Cudi's mom who spoke about how Cudi and his siblings dealt with the death of their father Lindberg Mescudi in 1995.

"Lin was always a strong force in their lives, and when he got sick, they went through that sickness with him," says Cudi's mom of her children. "They were there every day after school, even when it got real bad. So it was a devastating time for all of them--Scott especially, because he was the baby. There's a sadness [in him] because of the void."

Cudi's finishing up his new LP Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager and his Spin interview is on newsstands now.