Catch Tony Yayo On 'RapFix Live' Today At 4pm!

And the hits just keep coming. Tony Yayo is stopping by "RapFix Live" today (September 23) at 4pm to chat with Sway. More importantly, Yayo will answer any questions you, the fans, tweet to  @MTVNews and @MTVRapFix with the hastag #rapfixlive or upload at in a video.

The G-Unit rap star will be popping by to talk about any and everything including his new mixtape Hawaiian Snow with Detroit MC Danny Brown, among other things. Will he unveil Lil B as the newest addition to the Unit? Will he reveal the best way to subdue an over-amped fan mid-bumrush? Will he disclose how Oprah the Dog came into her own Twitter account?

Recently, Yayo admitted that he likes the Bay Area rapper Lil B, who was part of the group The Pack. Their single "Vans" crossed the country as it climbed the charts and gained popularity on the radio. Yayo told us that he was doing a show in the Bay Area and met Lil B through his friend E-40.

"Lil B, I told you I'm feeling," he told us. "I wanna start something new and get some artists under the wing. Lil B, Danny Brown is on the mixtape coming soon. [G-Unit member] New Money Trav. Trav knows Lil B. He has connections with Too Short. I got connections with E-40. They all end up coming to the show in the Bay. That's how 50 [Cent] wound up doing the remix to [E-40's] 'N---a Don't Act Like a Bitch.' They all ended up backstage. We had E-40 back there, Too Short, Lil Uno from the Pack. It was so many people back there. I linked up with Lil B. His music is good. He's a real humble dude. That cooking dance is hot."

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