Producer Calls Shyne's 'Roller Song' Video 'Inspiring'

In addition to Shyne's journal on his single "Roller Song" in his own words, RapFix also caught up with one of the producers, Tara Razavi, of the track's upcoming video.

"I recently produced Shyne’s latest video "Roller Song" with director Taj," said Razavi. "Taj, who has directed videos for artists like Usher, Rihanna, Ludacris and Nicki Minaj, has been talking about directing this video for some time now and we knew the concept was pertinent to Shyne’s personal story and the video should parallel his own life. Taj brought me on to produce this music video and I was eager to join him, considering our past successes on numerous projects."

She also, thankfully, describes the military concept behind the images of Shyne.

"'Roller Song' and the image of Shyne in uniform, illustrates a message of leadership, authority and standing up to the injustices we see in everyday life," she added. "Shyne’s message of stepping up and making it in the game of life is something that he thrives to demonstrate as it relates to his own personal narration."

And though he might be ready to spar with 50 Cent who recently crashed one of Po's press conferences, the producer enjoyed meeting the MC.

"Working with Shyne and being able to achieve what we knew to be a concept that was fresh, relative and personal was a fulfilling accomplishment for me," said Razavi. "Shyne’s noteworthy presence and inspiring drive gave us all grounds to achieve our fullest potential with this music video, "Roller Song."