Nicki Minaj Concert Scam Outted On Twitter

By Kathy Iandoli

Nicki Minaj fans at Montclair State University weren't too thrilled when they learned today (September 22) that the MC's college concert slated for October 8 was a hoax.

“What concert?”  Nicki Minaj asked this morning via Twitter. “Never heard of it."

Nicki was scheduled to perform at Montclair State University’s Fall Festival and tickets went on sale today at $40 a pop. However after students slept all night in line to purchase passes and one happened to snap a TwitPic of their dedication to Barbie, Nicki responded in confusion.

“What is this I'm hearing about an MSU concert?" the rapper continued. "Where and when is this concert supposed to be? I feel so bad for people who were scammed.”

Minaj wasn't the only person saddened by the faux concert.

“I am pretty upset by the news," said Gina Rowe, a second year MSU student. "The tickets were supposed to be $40 for non-Montclair students and I had a bunch of friends from local colleges coming with me to the show. To know I almost slept on the line to get the tickets really bothers me, but I’m glad I didn’t. I’d just like to know when Nicki Minaj really is performing.”

Another student griped directly to Nicki via Twitter.

“My whole school slept outside for @NICKIMINAJ tix and she’s tweeting it’s a scam!" said @CallherKila.

Rumor says Montclair State University paid the shady promoter behind the hoax close to $35,000. While the culprit remains unknown, students have begun tweeting information to the femcee regarding his or her whereabouts.

“I'm gonna figure out the bastards behind this MSU scam,” Nicki Minaj tweeted. “When I find out the person responsible for this MSU scam I'm putting their name on Twitter. Scamming college kids? Go to hell!”

This isn’t the first time fans were disappointed by a faux Barbie concert. The MC has personally dispelled several other hoaxes this year.

“I tell you guys all the time, if you don't see me tweet about it, it’s not real,” she said via Twitter.

Later, more college students across the country began tweeting Minaj about fake shows they'd heard about, including a Jacksonville State University date on October 15. In response, Nicki Minaj confirmed that she would not be performing until October 22 because she's completing her debut Pink Friday, which drops November 23. She did, however, confirm that she would be performing in her homeland of Trinidad on October 30.