Drake Concert: We're Live In Miami!

By Rahman Dukes and Jayson Rodriguez

Here we go. It's the second night of Drake's Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour and the electricity in the air says Canada's golden boy will light up the theater for another straight night.

Drake's tour, his first as the headliner, marks the first time rap's It boy will have the opportunity to perform his Thank Me Later debut in its entirety. We just finished chopping it up with Drake, who had Lil Wayne on his mind, and why not, Miami became Weezy's second home after Hurricane Katrina forced Cash Money, and many other New Orleanians, out of the Crescent City. More on that later but for now, we're bring you all of the latest updates throughout the night. Jayson and I are on deck and we got you covered like Antonio Cromartie on Randy Moss!

8:02: Drake's backstage doing a meet and greet with fans. He does them every show and the girls go crazy. Tyga's set just began.

8:05: On the elevator heading up to the stage area to watch Tyga, doors open up: DJ Khaled! The Miami mayor is brimming with energy. "We hooking up in the studio later, right," he asks. The 1515 Boys might have some exclusives to deliver this week.

8:19: Drake is in a disclosed area taking flicks with a number of fans. One guy who's with his son who can't be any older than ten comes up to me and asks "You have a sharpie?"

8:11: Young Money is in the building. Mack Ma-a-a-a-ane is here supporting Tyga, he's standing stage left. Fitting "Loyalty" is booming through the speakers.

8:22: Khaled just finished a surprise turn on stage with Tyga. The Miami DJ rocked the house with "All I Do Is Win." He got plenty of high fives afterward and a big hug from Mack Maine.

8:25: Tyga's not R&B guy, but the LA native has the ladies in the James L. Knight Theater screaming as his DJ plays R.Kelly and Usher. He's tossed his jacket and shirt to the side. Now he's performing "Dueces" sans Chris Brown, audience shrieks are on ten.

8:34: Just ran into Khaled backstage. He's bout to get busy with Busta Rhymes. Just said 'wassup' to my man Rick Ross and the legendary DJ Scoob Doo. Feels like I'm in NY!

9:00: The music begins. Lights are flashing. Drake's team is making their way to the stage, show's about to start. "9AM in Dallas" is the kick-off number.

9:10: Birdman just arrived to catch the show, Khaled stuck around and TONS of women here pushing up on stage.

9:20: It's a Cash Money/Young Money family affair tonight in Miami. Drake told us before the show he's buying property in the Sunshine State as a second resident; he's not leaving Toronto. Bow Wow is also backstage with Slim, showing love to Mr. Graham.

9:50: Just had a nice talk with Bun B on the elevator. Said to him 'It's that time of the year again - Hottest MCs.' He looked shocked 'Already?' Just as I'm telling J-Rod I look to my right and who's standing next to us, LeBron James. I'm still a fuming Knicks fan over that ESPN 'Decision' special mess.

9:54: During the breakdown to "Shut it Down" Drake did a quick segue into "Nothin' on You" by B.o.B featuring Bruno Mars. Just last week during the VMAs, Bruno Mars was covering Drake during he and Bobby Ray's rehearsals.

10:06: Some of the ladies in VIP had to take a seat to rest their feet! They were dancing in them heels. Bun B makes them jump back to their feet when he joined Drizzy for "Miss Me."

10:15: Just saw a guy backstage with a 'Free Weezy' shirt that had a hacksaw going through a cake. I've seen more free weezy shirts than LeBron James jerseys. Irony is today we flew out of LaGuardia airport right over Rikers Island. #freeweezy. Almost home!

10:20: Bun B just got here in time to see Rick Ross take the stage to "B.M.F." and kill his hometown crowd. Even the girls in six-inch heels were mean mugging. You know the opening lines...