Shawty Lo Talks BHF Records, Bowen Homes Projects


By Hillary Crosley

"Laffy Taffy" might've been the joint in 2006, but Shawty Lo, who's best known for his D4L days, has moved on. The Atlanta MC recently shuttered his D4L (aka "Down For Life") Records and renamed the imprint 2610: BHF.

"That's my brand, that's where I started from," he said of D4L. "But I'm officially switching my label to 2610: BHF. 'BHF' meaning Bowens Home family. 2610 is [the address] where we started from, D4L."

Lo said the name D4L had a stigma to it that some didn't take as seriously as he wanted.

"I just want a fresh look," he said. "I feel like I got a whole new movement and I feel the D4L got a curse on it. People think it's the dancing, the snap [music]. I want a whole new look on everything I got going."

Now Shawty Lo is promoting his new mixtape Bowen Homes Carlos, which he says takes his music back to his roots.

"This is one of the most important mixtapes of my life because I took it back to where Shawty Lo first started, I kept it gutter," said Lo. "My projects have been torn down, rest in peace to the bricks."

"It's the good, the bad and the ugly," he continued about the Bowen projects being demolished. "Good thing is, there was a lot of murders going on in Bowen Homes. The crime rate was high. It's bad for the people who lived there and are unfortunate and do not have anything. There were no extra bills. Zero rent. Now they gotta get out there and try to make it. It's getting harder and harder these days."

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