Drake Concert: We're Headed To Miami!

By Hillary Crosley

After guest appearing on Jay-Z and Eminem's Home and Home tour stop in New York, Drake is kicking off his first headlining concert trail this week. Drake's Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour began on Monday (September 20) and we're in the building tonight to give you a live report of Drizzy in Miami. Are you ready, because Drake absolutely is.

"I'm doing an hour and 45 minutes," the 23-year-old revealed. "For me, that's crazy to carry an hour-and-45. I have trouble — with all the records I have — doing an hour and 15 minutes. [If] I do an hour and 15 minutes, I'm cutting out 'Miss Me,' 'Light Up,' 'Money to Blow,' records people want to hear. It's gonna be a real interesting tour. I'm adding all the stuff from Thank Me Later. I'm excited to perform in a world. I've never done that before. I've got background singers now to make stuff sound sweeter."

Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour supporting act is fellow Young Money MC Tyga, whose Fan of a Fan mixtape with Chris Brown spawned the Billboard R&B smash "Deuces."

As for Drake, he's said that he's saving something special for his first tour and we're ready to give you the play-by-play. Keep checking this post and @MTVRapFix for updates on Drizzy's Light Dreams & Nightmares Tour.