Trey Songz Talks Bun B, Tupac And Pimp C Collaboration


By Hillary Crosley with reporting by Sway Calloway

After wrapping his Passion Pain & Pleasure tour in New York City this weekend in New York City, Trey Songz talked to MTVNews about collaborating with two of the greatest MCs of all time; Pimp C and Tupac.

Trigga sang the hook on Bun B's track "Right Now" from his recently released LP Trill OG, which garnered the coveted "5 mic" rating by The Source Magazine.

Last week marked the celebration of Tupac's life as well as the 14th anniversary of his passing in Las Vegas. On the other hand, the U.G.K. camp recent announced the upcoming release of a posthumous Pimp C album called The Naked Soul Of Sweet Jones, which is scheduled to hit shelves on October 5. Both MCs were legends in their own right and few artists, no matter what genre, rival the amount of material Tupac produced during the short time he was alive. And thanks to U.G.K. veteran Bun B, Trey was able to work with both rappers.

"First of all when they approached me I was like, 'new verses from Tupac... still?'" said the svelte singer. "What instantly went to my mind was his work ethic and how much he had to love his art to still have music coming out."

As for lacing a song with Sweet Jones, Trigga said there's always been a dirty South connection between his home state of Virginia and U.G.K.'s Texas stomping grounds.

"Pimp C killed it and Bun B is on my Trey Day album, I was on his album two albums before Trill OG," said Trey. "He's always been somebody that looked out for me since the beginning. It was epic for me and, before I recorded, I just sat there and listened to the song so many times turned up as loud as possible, like 'Wow, this is crazy and they want me to be a part of this.' So it's definitely a part of my highlight reel."

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