Mary J. Blige Says Jay-Z, Eminem LP Would Be 'Historic'


By Hillary Crosley with reporting by Amy Wilkinson

Some unions are pre-ordained and, following Jay-Z and Eminem's Home and Home finale at New York's Yankee Stadium this week, fans shared their hopes of hearing an album from the two legends. Even Mrs. MJB, who performed at the concert during Jay's set, weighed in.

"I think that’s great," said Mary. "I think Jay-Z and Eminem doing an album together is very very historic, exactly like the concert was."

The concert was historic because it marked the first time Yankee Stadium allowed hip-hop to take over their grounds, but a Hov and Shady LP would be special because it would be the first collaboration the Detroit champ's ever done, barring his D-12 albums. On the other hand, Jay-Z has released collaborations with Best of Both Worlds with R.Kelly in 2002 and Collision Course with Linkin Park in 2004.

At press time, there were no reports of either MC seriously considering a project together but fans can dream, right?

"Jay-Z and Eminem together? What a phenomenal duo," said Kaylyn Schenieder.

"If Jay and Em did a record together it'd be off the hook," said Dontae S. "It would be amazing."

Another gentleman essentially said the collaboration would be the generous act of a higher power.

"If God could only bless this earth with Jay-Z and Eminem doing an album together, all hell would break loose," said Armaan Torado. "It would be impossible to find that CD, trust me."

"They're two of the greatest artists of our generation," said Eddie Blackmon. "If they got together, it would sell millions and millions of records."

Even Michael Bivins of the iconic groups New Edition and BBD -- is there ever a bad time to hear "Poison"? -- gave his stamp of approval.

"The expectation might be really, really high, up there with Thriller" he said after the concert. "

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