Kanye West's 'Monster' Wins 'RapFix Live' Weekend Rotation


By Hillary Crosley

Cue Cam'ron, it's time for the two most important days of the week; Saturday and Sunday.

Naturally, music helps most people to relax so the "RapFix Live" show checked in with the experts here at MTVNews this afternoon to see what they'll be rocking during the next 48 hours.

"My pick this week is Kanye's "Runaway," said Steven Roberts. "He premiered the song at the VMAs this year, it was amazing. He closed the show and everyone was left there standing. I thought his performance was incredible and his performance was even better. Pusha T comes on and adds an extra element that the song needed, it was just filled with a lot of great energy and I want you guys to check it out."

On the other hand, Shaheem Reid took it back to the classics.

"I pulled this out of the vault, its actually a CD, no mp3s, its The Best of Stevie Wonder four disc box set," said Shaheem as he held up his crown jewel. "I’m in that zone right now. I’m going to be listening to what Kanye drops on Friday for that G.O.O.D. Friday, I’m sure whatever he puts out will be crazy and Lloyd Banks is putting out new songs every week too."

Rahman Dukes will be allowing someone else a bit younger than himself to dictate his playlist.

"This weekend I’ll be banging the favorites -- The Albert Anastasia LP, The Funeral Service: There Is No Competition 2 mixtapes -- those are must haves," said Dukes. "But specifically, I’ll be banging that “Monster” record. I’ve got a 10 year-old boy that wants to walk around my crib talking about “Monster” so you know when it hits that younger generation it’s official."

What are you listening to this weekend? Have a favorite song to play on Saturday? Tell us in a comment below!