Shyne's RapFix Diary On 'Roller Song' Video, Freedom

By Hillary Crosley

Never underestimate the power of perseverance, especially in the case of Shyne.

Last week, the formerly incarcerated rapper introduced the first of his RapFix diary entries. In these personal paragraphs, the MC describes readjusting to his relatively new freedom in Belize, traveling and shooting the video for the first single "Roller Song" from one of his two long-anticipated LPs Messiah and Gangland.

Be sure to check back in as Shyne elaborates on his day-to-day activities on the road to his upcoming projects scheduled to drop later this year.

Shyne's Journal Entry #2: "Peace"

"In seven days the story of creation is as follows: God completed the universe as we see and know it in six days; big bang theory, heaven and earth, blah blah blah. The crown of creation was man, Adam and Eve read the book on how to f--- things up and piss God off, now here I am.

My past seven days were nothing short of the creation of my new world.

On Sunday, I started shooting the movie for "Roller Song" and by Tuesday at midnight (the day God finished what he started on Monday) I wrapped the movie for the original. I might have slept like five hours in three days. I was running on the adrenaline of watching my dream come true after living a nightmare for ten years. Ain't no coincidences or bad luck, the world we live in is a result of the choices we make. Yeah, God made fuel and all of the natural resources but humans light the match and burn shit down [and there's] no excuse. I felt like kid on the holiday shooting those movies but also like prisoner of war back on the battlefield set destroy the enemy.

For ten years I sat in cell tormented by what could have been; that could have been me at the VMAs burning it down, that should be me rocking the Garden or Yankee Stadium in front of and army of 100,000 strong. But rollers don't cry.

We fight and I fought for ten years to be where I am now; Sunday in Mexico city, Thursday in Spain, Friday in Israel getting ready for Shabbat. Put ten on the board for the have nots and the forgotten because one year ago I was in a maximum security prison facility burning in hell. Then on October 26 2009 I was resurrected with the souls of Bobby Seale, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela.... No more cages. No captivity. No dead bodies walking around me. Freedom!"