Jay-Z And Eminem Concert Day 2: We're Live From New York!

With explosions and spotlights, Eminem and Jay-Z are taking over Yankee Stadium for a second night here in New York City. Naturally, RapFix has you covered with a live blog of the greatest concert the Big Apple's seen in quite sometime. Here we go...

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8:20 Hillary Crosley: Roll up to the Bronx, hustle to the Stadium only to be held up by a cranky older gent employed as an usher. God bless him.

8:25 HC: Almost got one bite of a Nathan's hot dog before Em's set starts with "Won't Back Down."

8:44 Jayson Rodriguez: Em goes into "White Trash Party" and video images of 8Mile flash in the screen behind him. He quickly transitioned into "Kill You." He's already mixing up the old with the new material.

8:45 HC: Em's doing "Kill You" amid screams. Two fake gunshots end his classic angry track. Yeah, we miss bleach blonde Shady too...

8:46 JR: "New York, what the f*** is up? It feels good to be back. Before I go on, there's a lot of people up top. Make some noise!" His [Eminem's] hype man, Mr. Porter, does the same for the lowe lever.

8:48 HC: "Don't Hurt Me" after Em makes the crowd put up middle fingers and screams "Free Lil Wayne!"

8:50 HC: Em & his hype man Denaun Porter doing "So Bad"... There are naked silhouettes of people having an almost threesome behind Em on a giant screen.

8:51 JR: How many of y'all got beef with your parents, Em asked. Plenty of loud cheers from the crowd. "Cleaning Out My Closet" then boomed throughout the stadium, loudest audience response of the night so far.

8:55 JR: "I Am"... Think this is my fave Em joint. Few cuts are better to rhyme in the mirror when isn't going your way

8:58 JR: D-12 comes out & rocks "Purple Pills," Bizarre still loves his shower cap. Tonight's is black and silky.

9:00 JR: "My Band"... Remember this video? Comedy. Em's doing the Detroit version of the snake #fan

9:04 JR: The outfield at Yankee Stadium looks like a Lite Bright with all the phones from the crowd as Eminem performs "Stan."

9:01 JR: "Sing along with the real lead singer of the band" says Em, and the guys invite the crowd to rhyme Proof's verse. Sad.

9:02 JR: "F--- Marshall" screams Em. Someone call Ice Cube.

9:12 JR: "Sing for the Moment" is blasting through the stadium speakers, "Toy Soldiers" then transitoned into play. Chants from Em: "Say Big Proof, say we miss you." Loudest cheers of the night.

9:15 HC: 50's "Patiently Waiting," great to see Em & Fif's chemistry on stage, the teacher and the successful student.

9:20 HC: They told me about Fif's glow in the dark shirt that read "This is 50" but I didn't believe them. Shame on me. Guess what he's wearing during "I Get Money"?

9:31 JR: Eminem must reeaallly love NYC. He's shouted us out three times already. "I really miss you," he said. Then shouted the Bronx and repeated what he said last night:"honored to be in the birthplace of hip-hop."

9:35 HC: Em gives the ladies "Love The Way You Lie," asks if "you've ever been in a dysfunctional relationship?" Wild screams. Hm...

9:40 JR: The upper deck level is shaking after Dr. Dre appeared on stage. Em chanted: "Dr. Dre." Then "Still D.R.E." kicked in. (Dre's biceps are bigger than a small baby.)

9:40 JR: The upper deck level is shaking after Dr. Dre appeared on stage. Em chanted: "Dr. Dre." Then "Still D.R.E." kicked in. (Dre's biceps are bigger than a small baby.)

9:45 HC: Stadium shakes as the beginning of "Without Me" starts. Round the outside Round the outside!

9:50 HC: Em closing with "Not Afraid," crowd's got hands up across the Stadium.

10:00 HC: Em encore to "Lose Yourself" featuring thunderous fireworks at the end.

10:25 JR: Mary J. Blige was just escorted to the field and to the VIP platform with her husband/manager by the security team

10:31 JR: The countdown to Jay-Z's set begins: a digital clock appeared on screening signaling nine minutes until show time as the Beastie Boys "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn" booms through the Bronx sky.

10:40 HC: Beyonce & Mary J. Blige are walked into the stadium amongst screaming fans. Minutes later, Jay takes the stage to Nirvana's "Teen Spirit" then rolls into "Dynasty."

10:45 HC: Crowd chants of "Hova" have already begun. "Hip-Hop was in Yankee Stadium... I looked how far we came & this is beyond dreaming... You are witnessing hip-hop tonight... Rest in peace to the boss George."

10:50 JR: Kanye West arrives to join Jay for "Run This Town." His chain is massive, same one from the BET Awards. Still, it's not bigger than Dr. Dre's bicep.

10:50 HC: Kanye comes out for his verse on "Run This Town" in a red "Eddie Murphy in "Raw" leather suit. Think his shirt is gold lame, but with the now infamous pharoah, its hard to tell.

10:58 HC: A pink-haired Nicki Minaj joins Ye & Hov for "Monster" and the crowd hollers. "New York City I love you!" the Nick-ster tells the crowd.

11:00 HC: Jay says he ran into hip-hop pioneer Kool Herc and "made sure he was with us tonight." Herc comes on stage, crowd gives respectful cheers.

11:04 HC: Kanye closes his set with "Good Life" just as Jay does a stripped down version of his "Diamonds Are Forever (remix)" verse. "On To The Next One."

11:05 JR: Swizz joins Jay for "Onto the Next One" and the upper deck is rocking like Grandaddy's chair again.

11:15 JR: Back to back delivery from Hov: "D.O.A." and "Free Mason."

11:18 JR: "Just because you question religion doesn't mean you don't believe in God," says Jay. "Don't ever let nobody put they thoughts on you. Be a motherf---in' renegade. Marshall, where are you?" You already know what that means...

11:20 HC: Memphis Bleek's presence on stage almost automatically means hits from Jay's "Blueprint" LP. And he doesn't disappoint, the duo runs through "You Don't Know." Yankee floors shakes like a blender.

11:26 HC: Just before "99 Problems," Jay tells us that we're a better crowd than last night. Take that Sha & Rahman!

11:30 JR: "Big Pimpin'" booms through the speakers before Jay-Z stops it seconds in. "Oh, we gonna make it a party tonight," Hov says before telling the crowd he's gonna make it Carnival. They pass out rags but he also encourages the ladies to use their shirts if they have to. Then he and Bleek counted down the song starting again. Ride, ride, ride....

11:34 JR: Jay pays homage to the late and great Pimp C by reciting the UGK member's verse on "Big Pimpin'" a capella. Then he shouts out all of hip-hop's fallen soldiers: Left Eye, Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, etc. He's dedicating "Hard Knock Life" to them.

11:52 JR:Mary takes center stage for a solo set. "This one is an oldie but a goodie," she says. "You'll sing along. You'll probably sing the whole song." Then the music for "Going Down" cues through the speakers. MJB only has to grab a word or two throughout the song. The house has her back. "There's some real fans here tonight," she screams.

12:00 JR: Jay-Z: "Welcome to the stage a man that's been getting busy as of late. He goes by the name Drizzy Drake." The pair perfomed "Light Up." The Toronto star paid homage wearing a BP3-inspired Yankees fitted.

12:06 HC: Time for Beyonce! She singing the melodious "Forever Young" chorus. Take us to church!

12:18 HC: "Empire State of Mind" as the closer with Bridget Kelly, in a semi-sheer jumpsuit. Think we just saw something we shouldn't've.

12:20 HC: "Thank You" as a faux closer. Do we smell an Encore? "Want to thank you for two of the best nights of my life," says Jay. "And we gon' return the motherf---in' favor... I want ya'll to sing this sh-t!" Hits us with "Jigga My N----," "H to tha Izzo," verse from Mya's "Best of Me (remix)."

12:25 HC: Hov's encore treat is almost too much! *plugs in blackberry behind a hot dog stand*

12:35 JR: Shouting out the crowd to end the show. Spots a girl with a sign that says it's her birthday and asking if she can come onstage. "If you can make it up here in time," Jay responds. She does and he gives her his Yankee fitted. The crowd sings "Happy Birthday," but only a line. Hov haults them. It's not her actual birth day. But her tickers were in honor of.

12:41 JR: Jay shouts out Drake. Said they may have messed up his sound. "I might have to give him a free verse," he said, joking.

12:44 JR: Grand opening, grand closing. Good night. Signing off.