Jay-Z And Eminem Concert: We're Live From New York!

Plenty of fans are having the worst experience getting into Yankee stadium. It's about a hour and half wait on the will call line and customer service line. When you get to the actual window, senior citizens are working the window and taking their own sweet time servicing the people.

It's all good though once you get in line. You're reminded of the reason you are there. The music is excellent, the sound is phenomenal and Jay-Z and Eminem are rocking!!!! We'll have a full report for you tonight right here. In honor of the birthday boy Swizz Beatz -- who may or may not be a special guest tonight (wink wink) -- we'll say "Showwwwwwwwwwtime!"

Be sure to check back with us throughout the night for live updates from this epic event! You can also follow us on twitter @MTVRapFix and tweet us your comments from the show.

9:10 PM Rahman Dukes: The stadium is packed. Huge difference from Detroit where the folks were reciting every word from Em line for line. They're still rocking wit him tough, though. He has a lot of hits!

9:11 PM Shaheem Reid: Heard Dre is in the building! Wooooo!!

9:14 PM SR: Reaction for "Stan" is amazing. Yankee Stadium is definitely bigger than Comerica. Seems fuller too. Damn it is so many people out here. Rah Dukes says this is our woodstock. That's real. I feel him on that. Expecting so many guest spots from Jay tonight.

9:37 PM SR: Feels great to see 50 Cent shut down a stadium in NY. He came out for "Patiently Waiting," "I Get Money" and "Beama Benz and Bentley" and "In Da Club." No Drake for forever though.

9:50 PM SR: The reception for Dr. Dre was immaculate. They were going crazy for Doc.

9:54 PM SR: Em thanked eveyone for supporting him and not giving up on him before going into "Not Afraid."

9:57 PM RD: Definitely noticed some changes on the NY leg of this show. Em is speaking to the crowd a lot more. Seems totally comfortable.

10:00 PM SR: Mixed chants of Hova and Eminem after "Not Afraid."

10:13 PM SR: Very energetic and loud debate in my section amongst fans about whether Eminem is top five of all-time or just "this generation."

10:15 PM SR: Love the fact that they are playing Jay Electronica and Mos Def over the PA in Yankee Stadium!!!!

11:01 PM SR: Kanye for run this town!! Only the second song in. Ye going into power!!!!

11:03 PM SR: Kanye West and Jay-Z are debuting the performance for the "Power" remix.

11:13 PM SR: Crazy at the stadium. After the "Power" remix, Ye, Jay and Nicki Minaj do "Monster"!!!! Nuts!!!!

11:33PM SR: Jay brought out Eminem for Renegade! The super powers back together again... The video production on these shows are amazing. Five huge screens on the stage and the images and artwork for each song is amazing.

11:43 PM SR: The stadium is shaking something crazy off of "Big Pimpin." Jay said he wanted to do it carnivale style.

12:04 AM SR: Chris Martin from Cold Play comes out. Now Drake is here!!!!!! "Miss Me." Free Weezy chants as well.

12:07 AM SR: "Light Up" for the first time ever live!!!

12:11 AM SR: Light Up was magnificent!!! Beyonce just came out for "Forever Young." She's angelic!

12:20 AM SR: "Empire State of Mind" was triumphant!!!! No A keys, but Briget Kelly killed it.

12:24 AM SR: Started "Thank You," but told them to stop it. Jay brings Bleek back out for "Jigga My N****."

12:35 AM SR: Nobody wants to leave! Jay is in over time but having a wonderful time. Hova chants still going. Stadium packed. He's rolling out a whole lot of hits!!! "Where I'm From," "Dirt off Your Shoulder." "Give it to me" (I'm a hustla baby).