Drake And Nicki Minaj: Will The 'Divorcees' Have A VMA Run-In?


By Kelley L. Carter

In case you didn't get the memo, here it is loud and clear: Drake and his Young Money labelmate Nicki Minaj are so not married.

MTV News' Sway chatted with the rapper, who laughed about how a random tweet he sent out on August 27 set the blogosphere off and created a new trending topic asking if the two rappers had in fact jumped the broom.

"Please refer to @nickiminaj as Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham and dont stare at her too long. She's finally mine. :)," Drake tweeted to his followers.

Drake shrugged the whole thing off, laughing when asked by MTV News about his Twitter marriage.

"To me ... I was like, man ... this social media ... it reminded me why I stay away from it," Drake said. "Because me and Nick, we're very playful people. I just thought so evidently that this is clearly a joke. I've talked about how much I've loved her for so long. People were outraged."

And to add more fuel to the fire? Drake had started sporting a new blinged-out gold band.

"Ironically, around this time, I made myself a ring. It was just funny. I've never worn a ring my entire life, and then I started wearing this ring," he said, laughing.

Minaj called into Atlanta's Hot 107.9 earlier this week and spoke to DJ Drama about the Twitter marriage to Drake.

"Drake is just my little brother, and I kid with him all the time," said Nicki, who will be performing at this year's VMA pre-show. "We were just being crazy. I think we were a little bit bored. There's really never a dull moment. I wouldn't say we were bored; I would say we were being mischievous."

Just one day after Drake held his rehearsal for the VMAs, Nicki held court outside the Nokia Theatre where she'll perform during the pre-show. With the assistance of Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am, the two will debut their new single "Check It Out" for the first time on television.

Backed by two dancers atop a massive stage surrounded by a small group of onlookers, Nicki swayed back and forth to the high-octane record, decked out in a tank top, tight black pants and a beige cowboy-ish hat. Nicki appeared to be in good spirits as she joked with members of her staff, including her wingman, SB, during breaks. At one point, the two found themselves involved in a breakdancing face-off that would make Turbo from the classic film "Breakin' " blush.

Whose performance are you most looking forward to, Nicki's or Drake's? Let us know in the comments!