David Banner Remembers Tupac


We are having a beautiful time in LA. We're partying, watching rehearsals, networking, but we are not forgetting. The VMAs are on Sunday night, it's going to be the ultimate extravaganza. But on Monday, we're going to take time out to salute and remember once of the most impactful, profound speakers of any generations, Tupac Shakur. He was a piercing poet, an imperial thinker and a King of all communities. On Monday, many of your favorite MCs will be right back here on MTVnews.com telling us their thoughts on Pac. Today, we gave one a platform to express himself. Here is David Banner as he tell us how deeply the Pac tragedy affected us all.

"I was in Atlanta. For me the death of Tupac goes a little deeper Everything got slow for me. It was bigger than the death of a rapper. It was the death of a icon for young people. Our generation right now, there are not too many icons socially. Maybe musically, but not socially. Pac was deeper than music. If he told young men to go and burn something, they was gonna do that. It was gonna get burned down. Today, we don't have too many who can step up and do that and speak on the ills of the world. Plus, you know his history, you know Assata [Shakur], we know the histroy. For me, it hit me harder than just losing a rapper." - David Banner

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