Jermaine Dupri Reveals His Club-Hit Ingredients


By Rahman J. Dukes

Music mogul Jermaine Dupri has been hard at work the past two years cranking out hits for the likes of Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson and Usher and is now developing his latest musical sensation, Dondria. But in his offtime, JD has been one of the most sought-after club DJs with his name ringing bells from Peachtree Street in the A all the way across the map to Sin City.

The So So Def founder was in Los Angeles this week promoting his new mixtape I Think I’m Berry Gordy as well as taking on a few of the VMA gigs. Just last night, Dupri was tearing it down at the Verizon-sponsored Sean Kingston event when we caught up with him to get his take on the secret ingredients that make the partygoers shake their booty from the windows to the wall.

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“I Gotta play ‘G Thing’ all the time. You gotta play T.I. ‘What You Know About That.’ And Rick Ross Right now ‘I Think I’m Big Meech.’ ‘B.M.F.’ You gotta play that all the time. That’s every time. But I got a couple. ‘Oh My Gosh’ Usher. You gotta play 'I Gotta Feeling’ … it’s a few. You can’t just have three. I’m a full rounded DJ. You can’t just have three [records].

When asked who will take home this Sunday's coveted Video of the Year prize, Dupri gave an interesting perspective.

“Who will take home Video of the Year?” Dupri asked. “Gaga and Beyonce. It’s about videos. It’s not about the record. The VMAs, they gotta keep it real. If it’s about the video, that’s an incredible video. But if it was about the song, you gotta give it to Eminem.”

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