Drake Gets Ready To Take The VMAs By Storm


Drake is no doubt a ladies man. The Toronto MC turned heartthrob has made a household name for himself as not just one of the illest lyricists with the fellas, but as the ideal partner for the ladies.

As Drake gears up to make his MTV VMA debut Sunday (he’s up for Best Hip-Hop Video and will also perform) during his memorable VMA promo shoot Drizzy gave a preview on how he anticipates spending his time in Tinseltown outside of churning out those platinum hits.

Hit the jump to hear Drake speak for himself ...

“I get to meet everybody. There’s a couple of women I’d like to hug. I’d like to

hug Angelina Jolie. I wanna hug Alicia [Keys]; I’m happy for her. I wanna tell them in person: I’m still a fan.”

Easy, Drizzy, ‘specially if you want more of those Swizz Beatz-laced “Fancy”-type tracks. It’s also a safe bet Brad Pitt will be having none of that.

It’s hard for one to imagine that rap’s rookie of 2010 has yet to meet everyone on his wish list this far into his short-but-highly successful career. But not surprisingly, Drake has taken a page out of mentor Lil Wayne’s “no sleep, all work” mantra, which he hopes to put aside this weekend to have some fun.

“I’m just excited to see all the faces I never met. I wanna shake some hands. I been working so hard I hardly ever get to go to any parties in L.A. or anything. This is it. This is my time.”

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