J. Futuristic Previews Mr. Futuristic Part 2 For 'Mixtape Daily'

By Mia Moore

J. Money hit the reset button and now has a new name and new mixtape out in the streets.

J. Futuristic, as he’s now called, just released Mr. Futuristic Part 2, and the Atlanta rapper showcased his latest project for MTV’s ‘Mixtape Daily.’

“The title of the mixtape is ‘Mr. Futuristic Part 2: The Sensei’,” J. Futuristic says. “And I call myself the teacher, master, instructor because look at Atlanta, GA, look around the world at what I did. I changed the whole lingo up.”

The swagger-jacker rapper already has a buzz circulating around him in the streets. His debut single, “First Name Last Name” blazed the Atlanta radio airwaves last year, and he’s appeared alongside fellow Atlanta rapper V.I.C. on the track “Say Bow.” But now, J. Futuristic is ready to break free from his J. Money name and brand himself as a new artist with new lyrical content.


“Right now man this mixtape was well needed in my career,” Mr. Futuristic says about his new project, Mr. Futursitic Part 2. “It’s at a point where I’m learning, I’m focused right now, like I’m so sharp right now. My game, it’s time to show these people I’m here.”

“I’m here to stay as a real artist, not just a swag movement. I’m a real artist, I have real lyrical content.”

Check out the clip above to see J. Futuristic previewing some of his tracks from his mixtape, “I Got Em” and “Ok Cool.”

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