Shyne Pens Personal Diary From Belize

Belize-born, Brooklyn-bred rapper Shyne has been holed up in one of the island’s discreet studios, hard at work crafting the follow-up to his classic Godfather Buried Alive. Since his release from a New York state penitentiary late last October, Shyne has unleashed a myriad of new music as part of his reintroduction to the masses. Most recently, Shyne Po received much acclaim over the tracks, specifically credited to his catchy record “Roller Song” and promises to deliver much more.

As part one of his personal journal entry, straight from the trenches of an undisclosed location in Belize, Shyne scribes the transition he’s endured from his past 10 years as an inmate to now waking up a free man.

Be sure to check back in as Shyne elaborates on his day-to-day activities on the road to his upcoming return album Messiah, scheduled to drop later this winter on Def Jam Records. Button up. It’s gonna be a cold one.

Shyne Journal #1 - "A New Day"

“The measure of a man is determined by how he performs under fire in the fire. When hell is burning, a man spits in the devil's face & keeps his soul. For 10 years, I would get up on Sundays @ 5:30 in the morning to get ready for a jail house visit. Now 10 years later this Sunday, 9-5-10, I’m getting up @ 5:30 am to shoot the movie for 'Roller Song.' Ain't that some sh--. I think these are the situations they had in mind when they coined the cliche ‘things coming full circle.’ I know a lot of us going thru sh-- that seems impossible, living a nightmare that won't end. But I'm proof that the nightmare does end. There comes a time when the sufferer gets his due. I ain't special; this applies to all of us. Project houses to the trailer park, Beverly Hills to Athens Park. Sing along to the 'Roller Song' Martin... malcolm ...Mandela....Revolution is never accepted by those being over thrown....f***em....we'll build the new kingdom on their graves!!!!!...Moses Michael Levi.”