Eminem DJ Alchemist Recalls Favorite "Home And Home" Moments

By Alchemist

The Detroit leg of Eminem and Jay-Z’s historical "Home and Home" trek may be complete but hip hop heads are still reeling for more looking forward to the New York arm of the tour at New York City’s Yankee Stadium. One man who was there to see the ins and outs from the rehearsal days leading up to the back to back shows, Em’s in house record spinner Alchemist noted that although the Shady one may have been a bit nervous he managed to execute a show stealing performance at Comerica Park. Alchemist listed out some of his personal moments that's sure to go down in hip hop history.


“I think it’s real dope, especially because sometimes you see one generation is giving birth to another one, it’s like that changing of the guard. There’s a lot of kids in that crowd who are young and might be there with their older brother or sister who wants to see Eminem and when Drake came out, it was their moment.”

50 Cent and G-Unit

“They came out with the neon suits. He [50 Cent] was backstage, showin’ it to me earlier and I was like ‘yo, you crazy man’. He ceases the moment, he knows how to make it. He’s an artist. This is entertainment. Seeing him and Em together, like on the stage that was really the biggest moment through all the tour, the last tour. Every time, the moment we’d go out on Em’s set, Fif would come out and it reminded me again of that feeling.”

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Dr. Dre

“I was hoping to see him after the show ‘cause even in the rehearsals when we had did it, he was just like ‘yo, this is crazy’. I don’t think he had been on a big stage since maybe the ‘Up In Smoke Tour’, so seeing him he was like that nervous, apprehensive, tension of excitement. That moment on the show for me, was like ‘oh’ I became a fan. I was no longer DJ-ing. At that moment when Dre came out, it was like… ‘Cause he was like five feet from me and he comes out of the floor like rising up slow and they blasted the smoke. It was like watchin’, kinda like a video almost. It was the theatrics of a video. And when he came out and did his Dre bop, it was like, you know, amazing. It was like he had never left.”

D12’s Proof tribute

“We kinda plan out that part of the show. But I think once we get on stage and Em sees people and hears them say ‘Big Proof’ and put his picture up on the screen, it’s really moving. I know it being in Detroit. I can say honestly that the last time we performed in that stadium, Proof was alive and his solo album was out and he was alive to come out and it was like his big night. He came out and did his single ‘Cars That Go Boom’ and it was like, it was his moment. That whole night, like it was his moment to come out and perform that song. I know Em, it definitely is a memory that we all have so for him to be back in that same place, home, Detroit, you know being able to get it back like that, that was definitely something. That was definitely a blessing.”

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