Eminem And Jay-Z Detroit Concert In 140 Characters

By Paul Cantor

Jay-Z and Eminem pulled off a feat of epic proportions last night, rocking 40 thousand fans at Comerica Park, and sending the entire city of Detroit into a frenzy.

MTV News' RapFix brought the play by play live from the stadium, but there were thousands of people at the concert who only had 140 characters to express what they had to say about the experience. Here are just a select few.

@KJP_23: “One of the best nights of my life, thank you #Eminem & #Jay-Z....saw 50, Drizzy, Jeezy, & the icing on the cake Dr. Dre #unbelievable.”

@TyraNeche: “Had a blast @LiLMaMa313 s/n I love how they didn't know the words #Renegade ! Great Show #Jay-Z & #Eminem!"

@Jragg19: “Oh man, @Eminem you killed it tonight! We're glad to have you back! #emjayz.”

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@mattcaruana: “Show was great. Crowd was super into it the entire time.I liked Jay better but 2nd half of Em was great #emjayz.”

@GarnetJ: “Great night in the D! @Eminem rocked the house. Loved when Dr Dre came out during Slim Shady and a killer ending with Lose Yourself! #EmJayZ”

@LaurenBaker: “What an awesome show-way to rock the D! Hearing loss will be worth it :) #eminem #jayz.”

Even people who weren’t at the concert got into the act. @Joestareatugirl wrote, “I am not gonna cry cuz I found out that Dr. Dre is gonna be at the Eminem show tonight in Detroit. It's ok that I'm not there... WAAAAHHHH!!”

Don’t cry, @Joestareatugirl. Detroit natives have another opportunity to see Em and Jay tonight, as they perform there again tonight. Next week, New Yorkers who were standing by watching their timelines fill up with tweets from Comerica will get a chance to catch the rap legends at Yankee Stadium.

Were you at the concert last night? What did you think of Eminem and Jay-Z's performances? Let us know in the comments!

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