Lil Wayne, Mack Maine, Drake Video Showcases New Orleans Spirit


By Scoob Doo

This past Sunday marked the fifth anniversary of the tragic natural disaster Hurricane Katrina that paralyzed the city of New Orleans leaving thousands of residents without homes. While the embattled city remains on course to recover from Katrina, one thing that's kept the N.O. afloat is the music.

N'awlins natives Mack Maine, Lucci Lu and T@ are the latest to rep their city with the new video "I'm From New Orleans," directed by Young Money lensman DJ Scoob Doo. Scoob detailed his experience shooting the passionate clip, which also features Lil Wayne and Drake. Hit the jump to see it in his own words:

The "I’m From New Orleans" video directed by Scoob Doo tells the story of how the success of music and the failure of the community comes together in celebration of how the geographic scenery of New Orleans is in a rebuilding stage. A lot of people do not know that New Orleans still looks bad as far as regular standards go how it was before Katrina. There are still people living in these conditions, not per se the same type of situation, but the damage of the flood has left people with the realization that they’re gonna have to build it; nobody’s gonna come and help.

"The good thing about it is the "I’m from New Orleans" video shows how proud people are to be from New Orleans before and after Katrina. Mack Maine, Lucci Lu, T@, directed by DJ Scoob Doo give you a story that’s not told with the mouth and through your ears or even with your eyes by reading words'; it basically does that by reading the scenery. People at home get a chance to see the behind the scenes of what goes on. A lot of people celebrate instead of being sad about anything that goes on, whether it’s death, whether it’s the Katrina flood whether it’s all this stuff that could take your attention from seeing the glass half full rather than half empty.

The video was shot on location to show people out there that New Orleans isn’t going anywhere. There’s been a lot of influence of the New Orleans Saints football team because, as we all know, they won the Super Bowl last year, which some see as a miracle. "I'm From New Orleans" also features Lil Wayne on the hook, so you will see not only Lil Wayne in the video, but also Drake, Birdman, BG and a couple of other surprise guests. The clip was filmed over two weekends; that means it’s very very very intricate hard work that went into this. We actually had a House of Blues setting for one of the sets of the video where we threw Young Money CEO Mack Maine a birthday party. So this is a culmination of a lot of footage and a lot of different events and a lot of celebrating going on in New Orleans. I’m not from New Orleans, but after you watch this video, hopefully you can say, "I’m From New Orleans," 'cause you can relate to the story. This is DJ Scoob Doo, I’m out like "Shrek 3."