Want More Drake? Take Our Poll!

It looks like Drake is showing no signs of slowing down in the near future.

Last year, the Toronto MC caught everyone’s attention with the release of his mixtape So Far Gone, and this past spring he debuted his first LP Thank Me Later.

With mounting success met on both projects, Drizzy has given hints that his fans won’t stop hearing his music anytime soon.

Young Money president Mack Mane recently spoke with MTV News about the possibility of Drake dropping another LP before the years end.

But that’s not all. Drake has even hinted about an R&B Mixtape, It’s Never Enough to come this year as well.

And if all possibilities come to fruition, that could mean three projects in one year for an MC who’s already blazing the airwaves across the country. So that has us wondering, should Drake slow down with all of these projects, or will his fans never grow tired of hearing his music? Take our poll and you decide.