Lauryn Hill's Rock The Bells Set Ignites Fans & Journos

By Bridget Bland

By all accounts, Lauryn Hills' Rock the Bells Los Angeles performance was electrifying. 24-hours later, fans and journalists alike are still buzzing... and calling it a comeback.

"I really hope she comes out with another album," fan Gabrielle Chambers wrote on Twitter. "Crossed fingers!"

Another fan, Aisha Smith, took to Twitter to inquire, “Is Lauryn Hill making a comeback? Please say it's so! My ears miss real music!”

"Both Maxwell and Sade had extended hiatuses from music and returned to major success, so Lauryn Hill could have a serious resurgence if her music is right," radio personality and entertainment journo Jawn Murray said.

"A hit record could resurrect even Vanilla Ice's career! A solid CD and an image overhaul, Lauryn could likely capture a portion of the career she abandoned for intentional obscurity."

Still, Murray was skeptical about whether the singer will be able to find her place in the current musical climate.

He added, "Unfortunately, Lauryn Hill’s personal life and eccentric appearance in recent years have overshadowed the tremendous impact she made with The Fugees and as a solo artist. It's questionable whether her sound and approach to the business would fit into the current state of the industry. The whole dirty-backpack-über-Bohemian-candle-burning movement ended a long time ago!"

HipHollywood’s Yasmine Richard missed this past weekend’s Rock the Bells performance, but hasn’t heard a positive reaction from the Los Angeles industry circle.

"I spoke to a few folks that saw her and many kind of shrugged their shoulders. They said her voice didn't sound too good, but at the end of the day, it’s Lauryn Hill and she essentially got a pass."

“To be honest, it’s really sad, but most people have grown used to an L. Boogie that isn't at her best. I remember Ms. Hill's performance from the VMAs a few years back and she rocked it! The interesting thing about Lauryn Hill is that with one solo album, she released, managed and still manages to deeply touch people's lives.”

Richards continued, “I think Lauryn's journey as an artist is a true reflection of person's journey. Their ups and downs and that is another reason why people are drawn to her. She forces you to feel and confront your emotions. “

Another fan Shante Timberlake is keeping hope alive that this weekend when she attends the New York Rock the Bells tour stop, the Grammy Award winner will bring it.

“I was already hype about the Rock The Bells line-up, but when Lauryn was added, it put me over the top! The Youtube snippets of her set gave me goosebumps,” she told RapFix.

“Her fanbase is still there and she has this incredible power to move people with her music. I think she got a real chance of making an impact. Her journey and past struggles make her more human and I just want to see her win.”

New York magazine has declared “Lauryn Hill’s Comeback at Rock the Bells: A Success” saying “barring any unforeseen circumstances, let the speculation for a comeback album begin.”

Timberlake adds, “Everyone loves a good comeback. I think true Hip-Hop fans are starved for the real artist, music, and lyrics. Even though the landscape has changed since Lauryn's abrupt departure, she is still relevant.”

Lauryn Hill will make Rock the Bell tour stops in New York and Washington, D.C. this weekend.

Here’s hoping her comeback is right around the corner.