Live Blog: Rock The Bells Los Angeles

For those of you who can’t be there, Sway and Shaheem Reid have come to the rescue, bringing Rock the Bells straight to your screen. All night we’ll be live blogging from the event, which includes performances by artists such as A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dogg and Lauryn Hill. Be sure to check back throughout the night for live updates from the concert! You can also follow us at @MTVRapFix and tweet us your thoughts from the show.

Sway 3:24 PM PST

We are at the NOS events center in San Bernadino. It's about 100 degrees, but flocks and flocks of fans are making their pilgrimage to the grounds. The Legendary Rakim just graced the stage to perform the classic Paid in Full album. I'm standing next to Dre.Biggity @UTBLifestyle he does merchandise for @realwizkhalifa. As we were listening to Rakim perform "I Know You Got Soul," he mentioned to me how he expects to reach one million sold in merchandise of Taylor Gang goods. I finally received my Taylor Gang shirt!

Sway 3:29 PM PST

I'm talking with @yelawolf and he's saying how humbled he is by legends like House of Pain and guys from Snoops crew that stepped up to speak and say how they like what he's doing as an artist. He just joked about being the opening act earlier today for about 100 people and the crowd went MILD!!! Instead of WILD. He's headed to LA right now for a 5pm show.

Shaheem Reid 5:40 PM PST

Sway tells an ill story of how KRS encouraged him to work with MTV. Amazing. Never heard that story before.

Shaheem Reid 5:45 PM PST

Michael Rappaport tells us the Tribe Called Quest documentary is coming soon. He's taking his time.

Shaheem Reid 5:47 PM PST

Rakim has been here since 1 p.m. He tells us he isn't leaving until after he sees Lauryn Hill. He's excited about L. Boogie.

Shaheem Reid 5:50 PM PST

RZA and Masta Killah from Wu-Tang are walking around the parking lot. So is Macy Gray. And a big tour bus that says "Flipmode" just pulled up.

Sway 6:11 PM PST

Miss Lauryn Hill is on stage right now performing "Hurst So Bad" and a girl named Linda who is 24 years old is standing next to me crying profusely what she just told me are tears of joy. She is saying that even though it was advertised she wasn't sure if Miss Lauryn Hill would appear. When I asked why is she crying, she said she can feel the passion in her voice.

Shaheem Reid 6:30 PM PST

Me and Sway agree that when Lauryn raps, it is electrifying. She just kicked a freestyle.

Shaheem Reid 6:38 PM PST

Lauryn has a six piece band, three backup singers and a DJ. She just freestyled during "Turn Your Lights Down Low."

Shaheem Reid 6:47 PM PST

Lauryn just finished with "Fugee La" and "Ready or Not." She left the stage and the crowd starts chanting "Lauryn! Lauryn!"

Shaheem Reid 6:50 PM PST

Lauryn is in excellent spirits. Very energetic. Dancing, talking to the crowd, directing her band. Very much in control and lucid, but still having a great time.

Sway 7:00 PM PST

#rockthebells Rakim the Legend just dropped a jewel about his rhyme style. He said he lyrically always tried to immulate a Saxaphone player.

Shaheem Reid 7:13 PM PST

The crowd is going for A Tribe Called Quest right from the start. They started with "Stir it Up."

Shaheem Reid 7:33 PM PST

The chemistry between Phife and Tip is undeniable. They sound like it's 1993. Fresh! Just about every song is driving the crowd nuts.. "Oh My God" was huge. "Lyrics to Go" is on now."

Shaheem Reid 7:39 PM PST

Q-Tip reminds the crowd that Midnight Marauders and Wu Tang's Enter the Wu-Tang dropped the same day in November 1993. Snoop's Doggystle dropped later the same month. "We are all celebrating our birthdays," Tip said.

Shaheem Reid 7:43 PM PST

"Can I Kick It? Yes you can!!!!" Jerobi came out for this one. Nuts!

Sway 7:44 PM PST

#rockthebells Tribe is doing songs off Low End Theory! "Can I Kick it!" Crowd is buggin out! These dudes haven't lost a beat

Sway 7:49 PM PST

Backstage I just talked to Snoop and he said that Rock The Bells with respect to the past tours is the most important of our time.

Shaheem Reid 8:00 PM PST

Damn!!!! Busta Rhymes and Spliff Star come out for "Stop the Party"!!!! Chaos!!! Tip starts rapping his verse for "Scenario" over "Stop The Party" beat. Track changes to Scenario beat. Crazzzzzzzy!

Sway 8:01 PM PST

IT HAPPENED! @Busabuss and Spliff just came out. No air to breathe and we're outside!!! Lol doing SCENARIOOOOO!!! OMG

Shaheem Reid 8:18 PM PST

This married couple told me they haven't been to a concert since 1998 (when the husband threw up on his own sister's hair). But they couldn't miss tonight's show.

Shaheem Reid 8:39 PM PST

Wu-Tang's show started with "Bring Da Ruckus" and "Shame on a Nigga." ODB's son, Boy Jones, performs Dirty's rhymes for the latter. The YDB has his pop's mannerism's down perfect. He even looks like him. He has the same hairstyle Dirty rocked on his solo album debut cover.

Shaheem Reid 8:56 PM PST

"Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nothin to Fuck With" may be the most blunt song title in hip-hop history. Love it. Audience going crazy for it.

Shaheem Reid 9:01 PM PST

Method Man and Raekwon are actually acting out the skit "Torture" on stage.

Shaheem Reid 9:11 PM PST

ODB's son jumps off the stage during protect ya neck. He's running around the venue!

Shaheem Reid 9:18 PM PST

RZA just shouted out Sway and King Tech on the stage.

Shaheem Reid 9:26 PM PST

After "Triumph," Meth says he didn't know he was supposed to do "The Rockwilder" but RZA wanted him to do it, so he's going to do it.

Shaheem Reid 9:30 PM PST

Method Man doesn't crowd surf, he crowd walks. His feet is literally being held in fans hands as he towers above them. He playfully falls on top of them during "Rockwilder."

Shaheem Reid 9:32 PM PST

Fans yelling wu-tang.

Shaheem Reid 9:48 PM PST

RZA says he's honored to do this tour with Slick Rick, Lauryn Hill, KRS, Tribe and Snoop Dogg.

Shaheem Reid 11:28 PM PST

Snoop arrives for "Gin and Juice." His set started with a mini movie for the "Bath Tub" skit. A dog mascot came out wearing a blue bandanna and c-walking.

Shaheem Reid 11:58 PM PST

Dr. Dre appears at Rock The Bells... Via a videotaped skit. Snoop is killing it with "Next Episode" and "Deep Cover." Classic.

Shaheem Reid 12:07 AM PST

Snoop's set is theatrical. Live band, mini movies for every skit on his album.

Shaheem Reid 12:28 AM PST

Whole crowd singing Nate Dogg's part for "Ain't No Fun if the homies can't have none." Man. They just did Kurupt's part.

Shaheem Reid 12:42 AM PST

Man. Snoop killed this s--t. Nobody f---in' with him.

Shaheem Reid 12:49 AM PST

Snoop ends with "What's My Name." Best set of the night.

Shaheem Reid 1:22 AM PST

Snoop comes back for an encore! Has a intro video from Pharrell then does "Drop It Like It's Hot" and "I Wanna Rock." Definitely the set of the night and my favorite tour of the year.