Kanye West Gets 'Power' On Remix With Jay-Z

By Bridget Bland

Clearly, it's the week of Kanye West.

The Chi-town rapper/producer has been on a rampant run, living in the studio these days and hanging out with the likes of Mos Def and Chris Rock. And 'Ye's been productive: He just completed a remix of Justin Bieber's "Runaway Love" with Wu-Tang Clan verbal assassin Raekwon earlier this week.

Now, after talking it up for a few days, a remix of his latest single "Power', featuring his big brother Jay-Z and produced by Swizz Beatz, just hit the Web.

West waited until 1 a.m. on Friday morning to officially drop the track on his blog, www.kanyeuniversecity.com, but Funkmaster Flex, who gets a shout-out in one of 'Ye's verses on the new joint, debuted the song on New York's Hot 97 on Thursday evening.

Radio personality and hip-hop head Miss Info was one of the first to circulate the remix on Twitter. She's been a fan of the Grammy winner's growth and the new direction he's taken with creating his upcoming album.

"The amazing thing about Kanye's new burst of creative energy is that it's very collaborative," she told MTV's RapFix.

"From his revolving door policy down in Hawaii to his recent twitter outreach, I'm fascinated watching Kanye pow-wow with other talent and it doesn't feel like some "king and his subjects"-style dynamic.

"Kanye's creative juices flow both ways. Him and Swizz and Pharrell sharing feedback with Mos Def and Cyhi Da Prynce and Pusha T. [and] designers and writers and basketball legends mixed in. It's no wonder that the "Power" remix is as dense and multi-layered given the atmosphere in which it was recorded. "

And, die-hard fans of West have flocked to his website to comment on the track.

One fan, Juanye, wrote, "The beat is so sick."

Another fan, Miles Louden, added, "You killed it. This needs to be on the album, like the 'Diamonds' remix."

"Couldn't have asked for a better remix. Classic," wrote Ishmail, another amped lover of the "Power" remix.

But not all hip-hop heads were fond of the remix track.

"Although I dig Hov's verse and several of 'Ye's punchlines, I'm greatly disappointed overall, " Rap Radar's Elliott Wilson told MTV's RapFix.

"It sounds overproduced and relentlessly disjointed," Wilson continued. "Too much going on in the mix to ever fully engage me in the sonic boom. Oh, well."

One fan co-signed Wilson's opinion.

"I listened to the remix. This is supposed to be genius? Says who? It's aiiight ... not classic by any means. No one will be bumping this next year or any year. This song will be long forgotten," greendozen commented on MTVNews.com.

Another fan, Miller-Tyme, told MTV News that 'Ye improved in the remix, "Kanye was horrible on the original 'Power' beat, but when it switched [to] the 'I Got the Power' beat, he went in."

Miss Info summed up the general consensus, whether folks felt the beat or not. "'Ye killed that sh--," she wrote on Twitter.

"Is it 'an embarrassment of riches'?" she asked, quoting the song, before adding, "Too much brainy riot music is never enough for me."

Do you think Kanye's "Power" remix is better than the original?