Fat Joe Talks About Life After Big Pun


Fat Joe didn’t stop short of entertaining the MTV audience when he sat down with Sway on ‘RapFix Live’. The Terror Squad CEO discussed his beef with 50 Cent, delivered an impromptu freestyle over a beat by guest Travis Barker, and even took fans down memory lane.

One of those tales included a story with him and Dipset rapper, Cam’ron. Killa Cam took the time to pass the mic to Fat Joe and ask him about how hard it was to rebuild the Terror Squad after flagship artist Big Pun passed away.

Always the candid storyteller, Fat Joe talked about what it was like touring with Cam back in the day, providing an interesting ‘behind-the-scenes’ look into the playful side of two of New York’s hardened rappers.

Joe then went on to answer the question, discussing what it was like to revamp the TS brand after his good friend, Big Pun, passed away.

“We just worked hard and made great music man,” Fat Joe told Sway. “Can’t let nobody tell you, you can’t make it. It’s all about perseverance, it’s all about determination. It’s all about confidence and believing in yourself.”

Fat Joe later described his determination by dubbing himself the “Original Eminem,” giving fans a deeper glimpse into what it’s like to make it against all odds.

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