Dr. Dre's 'Turn Me On' Met With Mixed Reviews

By LowKey

"Turn Me On," another apparently unmixed track from Dr. Dre's long-delayed Detox LP, leaked last night. And already, reviews are mixed.

The up-tempo club offering resembles Dre's much-debated Jay-Z collaboration, "Under Pressure," which leaked in April.

The track finds Dre playing to his female demographic with a sultry tone. The track features an unknown female vocalist who assists Dre with his provocative candor.

"Turn Me On" is currently circulating on every hip-hop blog across the map, some indication that Dre's legacy endures. Mixed reviews from bloggers, DJs, and fans alike, though, may suggest otherwise.

Meka from 2dopeboyz.com thinks the song suggests that Dre's production is heading in a different direction.

"It sounds like a Truth Hurts leftover track. From the first leak this year. It's like he's moving towards some kind of club/uptempo sound. It reminds me more of The Game's 'Higher' than his 'How We Do.'"

But it's not just Dre's production that has fans scratching their heads, it's also the content.

"'Turn Me On'" mentions 'x pills'," Jeff from the Hip-Hop sketch comedy team, ItsTheReal.com, says of Dre's lyric choice. "Which makes me think that he hasn't updated the lyrics since he first started the recording session in 2002."

While the leaks haven't discouraged Dre from completing the long-delayed effort, it's lead some to wonder whether the long-delayed LP is a dying cause.

"I do think at this point Detox may unfortunately becoming a dying cause due to the pressure and expectations that grow each day it's not released," Los Angeles' KIIS DJ Skee said. "With the less-than-amazing public reaction to these unfinished leaks after 10+ years of hype, it has become this mythical project that Dre won't find a direction he is satisfied with ever despite having hundreds of records done -- many that are amazing."

Sucker Free Sunday Host, DJ Envy, however is still optimistic about the project.

"'Detox' isn't a dying case. But I hope to hear it before I die," he said.

But while most tastemakers are still hopeful, at least one fan is loosing hope, and fast.

Twitter user @dCsoulplusmind Tweets, "At this point, I don't think very many people care anymore. The only news I want is that it's already in stores."

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