Young Jeezy Calls 'Jizzle' Classic Jeezy


Young Jeezy is set to drop his latest mixtape, the DJ Scream helmed 1,000 Grams, Vol. 1, later this week before his next official offering, Thug Moviation 103, arrives in September.

He's heated up the streets with "Lose My Mind" and TM103's first single "Jizzle" released premiered.

Here, the Snowman opens up about the track and calls the number standard fare.

" 'Jizzle' was my formula," Jeezy told MTV News about the Lil Jon-featured track. "It's like the music that I wanna hear when I'm in the club. I did that for my fans, before I even step out of my box, which I will for this album, as far as singles I wanted to do what I do. What comes to heart to me. And when I hear that [song], that's Jeezy, that's 'Jizzle.' Lil Jon was just the extra spice to give it a little different feel so it wouldn't just be a Jeezy record."