Nore Takes It Back To The Clubs


"Whut, whut!"

Nore owned the clubs in the past with hits like "Superthug" and "Oh No."

But when he and Capone reunited earlier this summer for the CNN album, The War Report 2, the Queens rapper traded in his flashy jewelry for fatigues and Timbs.

With August almost halfway over, though, Nore wanted to put in his bid for a summer smash by releasing his latest effort, "Nutcracker."

"I kind of miss going to the clubs, so I immediately wanted to drop a club banger," Nore told MTV News of his single "Nut Cracker." "I didn't want the summer to leave without me having a club banger. So that's what I wanted to do."

He's had a run with the aformentoned "Superthug," "Oh No" and more.

"Oye Mi Canto," "Grimey," and "Nothin'" are among his other club bangers.

Which one of Nore's hits do you think is his biggest?