Kanye West Talks Art With Sway In 2005 MTV News Interview


Kanye West's "portrait" for "Power" is a breathtaking visual centered around a variety of cultural and art influences.

The rapper borrows from a slew of decorated motifs, from Jean-Leon Gerome to the "House of Flyer Daggers."

But 'Ye's take wasn't an excercise in hubris; rather, the musician is an artist himself, who takes his own natural drawing talent to speak "as a language" to his collaborators.

In the clip above, from an August 2005 interview with Sway, the Chicago MC explains how he "seldomly" has time to draw now, but he uses his talents to direct those who eventually craft items like his album covers, concert graphics, and his videos.

The visual tips obviously work; director Marco Brambilla spoke with MTV News last week and dished on his connection with Kanye.

"I instantly connected to the themes on the album," Brambilla said West's yet-untitled next LP. "The whole idea of celebrity, the idea of power, the idea of sensuality in it, there's sexuality in it as well, and those were all kind of themes that I've explored in my work before. Once I heard the album, that was what clinched it, and I felt very much in tune with the message behind the music."

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