Fat Joe Addresses 50 Cent, Performs With Travis Barker And More On 'RapFix Live'


Fat Joe was the third guest on MTV News' interactive show, "RapFix Live," (following Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa) and the Bronx rapper didn't dissapoint. Joe was controversial, engaging, and delivered the most impromptu moment of the series to date: He and Blink-182's Travis Barker performed together as Joey Crack kicked rhymes to a raw drum beat.

"This that genocide talk/ They killing babies again/ And there's lines around the block/ Like it's the '80s again/ Yeah, the dark side and you don't wanna go to this place/ Where I got special powers/ I could punch a hole through your face," he rhymed.

While Joe dished out plenty of one-liners that drew laughs, the menacing MC also drop some serious words when asked about 50 Cent.

The two rappers have long been at odds, trading barbs on records and in interviews.

According to Fat Joe, at this point, the beef between he and Fif is personal.

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"The latest one he's going at: Puff Daddy," Fat Joe said about 50. "He has beef with Jadakiss, he has beef with Cam'ron. Anybody we consider dope in New York, he has went at them. There ain't nobody he ain't touch. Fat Joe ain't out here trying to battle-rap everybody in the world. That's not what I'm about. What I am is a man, and when you disrespect my family and you disrespect me like that, there's gotta be answers to the questions.

Joe told Sway he rather be a man of peace, but the reality of the situation is far from that, he said.

"The day 50 Cent want to lock up with me in a bathroom and do this like men, we can hug each other and keep it moving the day after that," Joe explained. The MC added, "I would love to be in an airport, we bump into each other, we go in the men's room, best man wins, that's it."

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