Cypher: Eminem Or Kanye West?

Kanye vs. Eminem

We're not NBC, but our Thursday lineup on MTV tonight is definitely "Must See."

Eminem and Kanye West will both debut new videos today (August 5); Em's will air before "Jersey Shore" and 'Ye's will air after the fist pumping ends.

Everyone is already debating which clip will be better, Marco Brambilla's "Power" or Joseph Khan's "Love The Way You Lie."

We say, why can't both of them be great?

Hit the jump, though, to read what some of our readers and Twitter peeps have to say about the big night and keep weighing in with us over at @MTVRapFix, hashtag #cypher.

Justin: "Kanye West is better than Eminem. I'm so tired of being nice to Eminem fans. That guy went nuts then came back...trashed his mom in every song, talked about Britney, Xtina, Olsen Twins, but never got any flack. Eminem is nothing to me. Kanye is a true artist with 14 Grammy's and I listen to his songs all the time. King Kanye is back. Eminem is overrated and his voice is irritating. Kanye has better videos, songs, beats, rhymes, and can outperform Eminem any day of the week....

Night Train: "I like Eminem better then Kanye as MC .. but I'm more looking forward for Kanye's video.. Kayne more creative with his videos than Eminem."

KeepThingsSimple: "It's all about 'LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE' tomorrow.....Not that excited or interested about Kayne's video, I'd bet it won't match the hype."

wtfHypocrisy: "Potential for this video to be overshadowed by 'Love The Way You Lie,' releasing same night might be a good thing though too, get some buzz feeding off each other."

Miller-Tyme:"Kanye video is gonna be best of the year.. this time Taylor Swift will get on stage and interupt who ever won Best Video of the Year and say (insert name here) I'm really happy for you but Kanye had the best video of all tyme.. lol."

LTM41: "Kanye's videos are always great, I love the one for 'Paranoid.' The only rapper who has great videos like Kanye is Kid Cudi."

lilatkinsbaby: "OMG I think it will be amazing!!! Emin3m and Rhianna!!!! Best COMBO EVER!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!"