Bun B Talks Improving With Age


Bun B is practically family to the 1515 Boys. The Port Arthur, Texas is as welcomed to the 29th floor here as any member of the staff. It goes without saying to those that know him that his character is even more impressive than his lyricaly ability.

Today, we all congratulate Bun B on earning a "5 Mic" review from The Source for his forthcoming solo album, Trill OG.

The UGK rapper is the first artist in over 5 years to receive the once insanely coveted recognition, which is still certainly a steep honor to achieve.

Bun B spoke to MTV News over the weekend about his current output, and said veteran artists like himself, Fat Joe, and Big Boi are in a fortunate space in their careers where their experience is helping them to push out classic material.

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“I think people are just looking for consistency right now from the people that they support. I think when you look at people like myself, people like Fat Joe, people like Raekwon, who know how to make good music and have experience making albums, I think when you come into a market today, which is more singles driven and everything is about having that one hot record and then you hit people with an album that they cant take out the deck, as it goes from song to song, it all makes sense, it all has a flow to it, it’s an incredible thing, it’s a beautiful thing. That just comes with experience. You don’t need a lot of money, you don’t need a big company behind you. Right now, all you need is experience and good ideas. And luckily for the veterans, we got both.”