Drake Talks R&B Mixtape: Are Fans Ready?


Drake's big break arrived when the Toronto lyricist mastered balancing his Memphis-tinged rap flow with his more delicate R&B delivery. His first mixtape, Room For Improvement, only hinted at the combination and his second set, Comeback Season, pushed the process along further. We all know by know what happened with his third mixtape, So Far Gone; Drake finally fine-tuned his rap/crooning act and established himself as a major force in the hip-hop landscape.

Now, a bonafide star, Drake is tinking with the formula.

His next effort, instead of a proper follow-up to his debut, Thank Me Later, Drake announced he'll release an R&B mixtape to hold fans over til his next album.

He certainly has the singing chops to carry a chorus and he's proved adept as holding his own on duets with Lloyd and The-Dream.

But are you ready to hear him sing full time?

What do you think about an all R&B mixtape by Drake? Is that what you want or do you prefer him rapping? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @MTVRapFix!

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"Me and 40 (are) working on it," Drake told MTV News. "I got you. I think I got a great body of work with that tape. I'm gonna do it like I do all my other tapes. I'm gonna make a night out of it. Just make sure you're on the Net that night downloading, and it's yours. I feel the people deserve it. It's hard for me to put out free rap albums these days. So the best I can do is switch genres and put something out for free. It'll be yours very soon."