Swizz Beatz Tells Da Circle To 'Keep Hard Work Going'


In addition to offering insights on his recent marriage to singer/songwriter Alicia Keys and recent collaborations with mega producers Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, Swizz Beatz also dropped some knowledge to an up-and-coming rap duo on last week's RapFix Live.

New York City-natives Fatz D' Assassin and Goodtime Slim, aka Da Circle, have been in the game for a minute. Their latest single "Bombard" showcases the duo's heavy lyricism and use of metaphor.

"Just keep the hard work going," Swizzy told Sway after hearing a track from Da Circle.

Hit the jump to hear what else Swizz Beatz had to say about the underground rappers.


"I would need to hear like 2 to 3 songs. Because maybe they doing the right thing, it just wasn't displayed there. Or maybe they not doing the right thing it just wasn't displayed there."

"That particular flick right there looked well organized, the track, you know they looked like they had control of the track," Swizz Beatz continues. "You know they looked like they were sure, and they looked like they were ready to eat."

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