50 Cent And Kanye West Go Head-To-Head On Twitter

By Paul Cantor

Late last week, 50 Cent took hold of his 140-character destiny, lighting up his two million follower strong Twitter after years of dormancy.

His first tweet? "I can't belive my grandmother's making me take out the garbage. I'm rich. F*** this! I'm going home."

For the next few hours, 50 was on fire, weighing in on Fat Joe, Soulja Boy, and even the failure of his last LP, Before I Self Destruct.

Of course, the currently undisputed hip-hop Twitterverse heavyweight is Kanye West, whose accelerated from zero 870,000 followers by the absurdity, profundity, hilarity and sheer volume of activity -- to say nothing of his G.O.O.D. Friday releases.

So how do the two stack up? Hit the jump to see...

On Push-Ups:

@Kanye West: Me and Mos def had a push up contest at Nobu last night... Suits on... I did keep on my shoes though lol! Super deep convo followed ofcourse

@50 Cent: I just did a hundred and 12 push up stright. I hit a ni**a he gone see a white light Pow

On The Ladies:

@Kanye West: Tights and Heels #THEREISAGOD!

@50 Cent: I musta had a dream last night cause I woke up this morning wanting me one of them fine-ass white girls

On Spelling:

@Kanye West: My speling and grammer is atrocious SMH!!! funnie I actaully spelled atrocious rite!! LOL #EDUCATIONISTHENEWMOTIVATION #ITSAPROCESS

@50 Cent: Man when I figure out how to use the spell Check on this motherf*cker you ni**as in trouble

On Athletes:


@50 Cent: When he's your friend he's your friend for real @floydmayweather

On Twitter:

@Kanye West: I think Twitter was designed specifically with me in mind just my humble opinion hahhhahaaaahaaa humble hahahahhahaahaaaa

@50 Cent: What the f*** is every body laughin at This s*** ain't funny I don't think I can stop doing this s***. I feel like a crack head