Donnis Breaksdown Starting His Career Overseas


This week's Mixtape Daily main pick comes courtesy of the Atlanta brave himself, Donnis.

The upstart MC checked in with Shaheem Reid and Rahman Dukes all the way from Japan, where he delivered the 411 on his latest mixtape, Fashionably Late.

The Tokyo trip was notable for Donnis, a 2010 Hottest Breakthrough MC candidate, because it served as a homecoming of sorts for him; Donnis is an alumnus of the U.S. Airforce and he was stationed in Japan where he tried to kick star his career.

After the jump, peep what Donnis had to say about struggling to break into hip-hop from across the Pacific Ocean and watch his Mixtape Daily segment.

"I hooked up with DJ Master Key, who is like the biggest DJ out there, you can compare him to wheover you feel is the biggest DJ in the state," Donnis told MTV News. "He took me under his wing as I did shows close to the base. And then I spread it out and did in it the city and he got wind of it. I started opening for T.I. and anybody who would come out to Tokyo. And it got to the point where I was doing good out there but you don't speak Japanese. You got to do something. You're big in Japan but nobody cares you in the States."

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