Swizz Beatz Talks With Sway On 'RapFix Live'


Swizz Beatz sat down with Sway today on this week’s episode of ‘RapFix Live.’

The rapper/multi-platinum producer talked about his upcoming album, married life with singer/songwriter Alica Keys, and as always, answered your questions.

Missed Swizzy on 'RapFix Live'? Check out an encore presentation above and see highlights from the show below.

1:33 PM

Swizz Beatz says he had a late night studio session with Mary J Blige last night. He also met up with Busta Rhymes and 50 Cent earlier in the day. Swizz and 50 talked about some material and there is a possibility for a collaboration, but nothing's definite yet. The Mary J Blige song could leak on Friday, but nothing is definite yet.

1:35 PM

Swizz thinks artists are excited about music again and excited about making music for the fans.

1:41 PM

Swizz answers first tweet:

@hottstash: do u feel like u helped to shape the sound of NY rap ?

Swizz says, yea, I feel like I've contributed to the sound of NY rap. He definitely thinks he's a part of the NY sound as he's been consistent in the game for so long.

1:46 PM

Swizz says T.I. didn't want to do "Bring 'Em Out". Swizz made the song for Beanie Sigel as he was just getting out of jail, but Beanie didn't feel like it was for him. T.I. gets out of jail, records on track and it becomes a hit.

1:55 PM

Swizz talks about meeting with Jay-Z and how HOV wanted all his beats on his cassette tape; that's how excited Jay Z was about his material. Swizz didn't realize at the time how big that moment was for someone as great as Jay Z to want his material.

2:01 PM

Swizz says he has two records dropping this week: Jazmine Sullivan remix and an untitled record with Mary J. Blige.

2:11 PM

Swizz speaks on Kanye twitpic with Swizz, Ye and Chad from the Neptunes in the studio: Kanye is listening to one of his tracks from his album. Swizz says there was "positive competitive" energy in the room.

2:07 PM

Swizz says new album Haute Living is his perception of greatness, that's why he changed the album. There is no official drop date for the album, but it will be this year. The single will also drop this year.

2:09 PM

Swizz answers next tweets:

@naveed1983: Will you be singing on your next album?

Swizz says he will not be singing on his album, especially when he has great singers like Mary J. Blige on some tracks. He is not a singer. Swizz says there is one song on the album where he's "vibing, not singing." Song is called "Copilot."

2:11 PM

@Breon_got_It: How does it feel to be married to the most beautiful female artist in the game?

Swizz says its a blessing. Swizz says he's not into the name or the status, he's just into his union with his wife, Alicia Keys. Swizz says he's a better man because of love and the love in his life.

2:15 PM

Swizz says he's going to keep the baby name quiet.

2:18 PM

Swizz talks about rumors of Jay-Z and Freemasonry. He says that comes up because people aren't educated on the topic. Swizz says he wishes people would do more homework before they stand behind something. He says if he was a devil worshiper, he would not be saying positive things about 2010.

2:22 PM

Swizz watches a B.O.B. "Unplugged" clip and says when he looks at B.O.B. he sees a true artist. "He's living the movie, he's not reading the script."

2:24 PM

Swizz says he has a track for Andre 3000 to be on, but he's not on the album...yet.

2:25 PM

Fans might be surprised that Swizz worked with Lenny Kravitz and John Legend. Swizz says fans won't expect anything on this album, from the art to the collaborations.

2:30 PM

Swizz answers "Pass The Mic" question from Soulja Boy Tell Em. Soulja Boy asked on last week's 'RapFix Live' if he and Swizz could work together on a track. Swizz says it's something that could definitely happen.

2:36 PM

Swizz asks Fabolous, our next guest on 'RapFix Live,' a question: "What are you gonna do on this album that's gonna take it 5 times as more than what you did on your last album? What producers are you gonna use, what music? Who's place are you gonna take?"

2:38 PM

Swizz checks out this week's 'Get In The Game' artist: Da Circle "Bombard." Swizz's feedback? Keep the hard work going. Swizz says it looks like they had control of the track and they looked hungry.

2:41 PM

Sway asks Swizz what he's listening to right now. Swizz says right now in his car he has "The Greatest of Bombay Drums." It's not just one song. He has so many playlists because his attention span is so short and his music is all over the place.