Drake Talks Thank Me Later Follow Up


Drizzy Drake held court in his hometown of Toronto over the weekend as he and his crew, October's Very Own, hosted the "OVO Fest," their own self-produced concert that featured the likes of Jay-Z and Eminem as guest performers.

But before the show, the Young Money MC took time out to speak to RapFix and open up about the direction he's hoping the take his sophomore set.

Drake said he felt that he had so much to say on his debut, Thank Me Later, that at times he was actually rapping too much.

Here, T.Dot's favorite son talks about what he plans to do different on the next one.

"What I was is just for the records to be enjoyed with out it being too complex," Drake explained. "I think rapping for 32 bars sometimes you lose a partial audience. The audience that sometimes wants to hear a great hook and feel good. Your lyrics, as long as their said clearly, they'll learn them. I take a lot of pride in my verse and I think on my last album and I think that I had so much to say that I felt like I had to rap for 32 bars on every single song. But this next album I'm going to challenge myself to put 32-bar thoughts into 16 bars, which is gonna be harder.

"Much like I did like on "The Resistance," I wanna do more songs like that," he added. "They're shorter and radio can play them; not that their radio records. But I wanna switch my format up a bit, just to challenge myself and try something new. Cause this album has to be better than So Far Gone and Thank Me Later put together."