CCP Announces next ‘EVE Online’ Expansion: ‘Rubicon’ Comes to New Eden in November

Since its inception in 2003, CCP Games has released an expansion “EVE Online,” their massively multiplayer game of asteroid mining and space-betrayal, every six months without fail. Two expansions per year, at ten years of continuous growth, carry the one … “EVE Online: Rubicon” is the twentieth expansion to the long running game, and it’ll cross into New Eden in November.

On the narrative side, “Rubicon” marks the first push of “EVE”s “capsuleers” — immortal pilots — in defiance against the megalithic racial governments that once controlled them.

“With ’Rubicon’ we are beginning an ambitious journey for the next several expansions of ’EVE’ that will end up with players taking control of the most potent technologies in the universe and controlling space on an unprecedented scale,” explains Andie Nordgren, senior producer. It’s a cool moment in “EVE”’s lore, but it has some neat gameplay implications, too.

For example, players will eventually be able to seize control of High Security customs offices (and collect taxes from within its expansive economy), and the Sisters of EVE NPC faction will begin offering stealthier ships to allow rogue capsuleers to travel more discreetly through hostile areas. Lastly, a new type of mobile hangar will allow players to create temporary interstellar staging posts outside of Empire jurisdiction.

“Rubicon” also includes the standard ship and combat re-balancing, with new tactics for small groups “of mercenaries, saboteurs, and troublemakers” tackling bigger, heavier enemies, welcome news for anyone tired of getting blobbed in Nul-Sec.

The previous expansion, “Odyssey,” made changes to navigation and exploration, and “Rubicon” is the next step in CCP’s stated goal of making large-scale space colonization easier.

“Imagine what could happen if capsuleers truly mastered the science of space travel itself, and were no longer bound to the known universe,” reads the game’s official site. There aren’t too many more concrete details available, but “there’s more to be revealed in the coming weeks.”

As always, “Rubicon” will be free to “EVE Online” players when it goes live on November 19.

[EVE Online]

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