The Inevitable 'Angry Birds' Kart Racer Is Coming


Considering the huge phenomena that the "Angry Birds" franchise has become, it's hardly a shocker to hear that a kart racing game that cashes in on the hysteria is forthcoming.

Admittedly, such a thing sounds fairly pedestrian, coming off the heels of a "Star Wars" mash-up. But hey, if money is to be made, Rovio will find a way.

"Angry Birds Go" is the name of the upcoming game. No word yet on a release date, though when it arrives in the App Store, physical versions of the toy will also hit store shelves, courtesy of Hasbro.

Their "Angry Bird Go" line is part of the Jenga family, which means there'll be a variety of play sets, allowing one to knock down blocks in real life and with physical versions of highly agitated avians. But this time they're in cars.

Though each racer is also a Telepod, which means said toys will be able to interface with the digital game, much in the same way that "Angry Birds Star Wars 2" does. So it would seem that Rovio's foray into "Skylanders" territory thus far has been lucrative.

No word yet on a release date for the game. As for the toys, the Hasbro listing simply says "Fall 2013".