The "Need For Speed" Movie Has A New Trailer


Earlier today, we mentioned screenwriter David S Goyer's observations as to why so many video game movies fail. In his opinion, if a game's central character is not compelling, then the actor portraying him or her will have little to work with.

So it'll be interesting to see how Aaron Paul (who's a hot commodity right now, thanks to "Breaking Bad") fares with his depiction of the nameless, faceless person behind the wheel in EA's various "Need For Speed" games.

Unless you're able to give your character a name, which is possible in some installments. In that case, Paul will be playing the role of "BringBackNightCourt247" (my go to handle for any driving game).

The latest trailer for the big screen adaptation of the aforementioned game franchise just hit iTunes. Thankfully, the powers that be (or simply some dude that's handy with ripping video) has posted it onto YouTube:

Well, it has plenty of pretty cars, gotta give it that. Plus explosions, check. But no Vin Diesel, which unfortunately is the third and oh so important element that has kept the "Fast And The Furious" series, going which this movie clearly hopes to ape.

It's basically the reason why the first flick "Tokyo Drift", didn't do so hot, despite being arguably the best of the bunch. Anyways, back to "Need For Speed"; it speeds into the theaters in March of next year.