"Puyo Puyo Tetris" Is A Thing That Has Finally Happened


When it comes to classic, arcade puzzle games, two names have been mainstays for a very long time now: "Tetris" and "Puyo Puyo". Both are similar, yet words apart.

One is about making blocks disappear, the other is about making blobs (with eyes) vanish. The former is all about filling gaps and the latter is mostly reliant upon color. And whereas the world loves "Tetris", "Puyo Puyo"'s popularity has mostly been contained within Japan.

So it makes sense that, at Tokyo Game Show, Sega unveiled the long-awaited merging of the two. Which is simply called "Puyo Puyo Tetris".

When word first began to circulate about the game's existence, many wondered how a pair up would actually work. At last, we finally have footage, and it's not quite as wild and crazy as one was expecting, even hoping:

Instead of a game that merges different aspects and rulesets into a unified package (turns out, such a thing is impossible after all), it's simply a versus game that has the two, side-by-side.

Joystiq managed to get their hands on the thing, and was rather positive of the whole thing, and even states that the potential balance issues have been ironed out. So it works at the very least.

Though one will have to check it out firsthand to make the final call. Thing is, it's hard to say if such a thing makes it over. After all, many of us are still waiting for "Tetris Monsters". And at least monster hunting is more popular than "Puyo Puyo".