'Legacy of Kain' Spinoff 'Nosgoth' Will Be Free To Play, Gets A Trailer


In the fiction of the "Legacy of Kain" universe, the land of Nosgoth has been ravaged by an ongoing war between mutant vampire lords and the well-armed humans that don't want to be eaten by them. Well, the "Legacy of Kain" universe will be getting a little bloodier in the class-based humans vs. vampires competitive multiplayer game, "Nosgoth."

"Nosgoth" is being developed by Psyonix for the PC. They're the studio behind "Arc Squadron" and they've worked on ports of "Bulletstorm," "Gears of War," and "Homefront." Those multiplayer-focused games may have primed Psyonix to work on the distinctly "Gotham City Imposters"-ish "Nosgoth," which replaces the deliberate, slow-build action of the "Legacy of Kain" series with pounce/shoot/kill multiplayer.

Publisher Square Enix is describing it as a third-person, PvP game set in a brutal fantasy world. The vampire side has its Reaver, Tyrant, and Sentinel classes which roughly equate to the stealth, tank, and flyers for the game. On the human side, you've got the speedy Scouts, armored hunters, and bomb-flinging Alchemists.

There's no mention of whether we'll see Kain, Raziel, or any of the other characters from the series' fiction making their way into the game, although the game's FAQ does point out that it takes place during its own spot in the franchise's timeline, likely during the period when Kain lay dormant and his vampiric offspring were killing all of the humans.

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