Art Brut: Bizarre "Fez" Glitches Create Beautiful Images


Glitches and bugs are an inescapable part of game development, but they usually get squashed with extreme prejudice. That's too bad, though: as this collection of images from "Fez" developer Renaud Bédard shows, glitches can sometimes be beautifully striking

"Fez"' legacy as an ornate, intricate, perspective-bending puzzle game has been somewhat (and unfortunately) overshadowed by its lead designer, Phil Fish. His prominent role in Indie Game: The Movie and his highly-public cancellation of "Fez 2" have hogged most of the discussion about the series.

Perhaps the most enduring brouhaha was Polytron's inability (or refusal, depending on who you ask) to patch a rare, game-breaking bug found in the Xbox Live Arcade port, shining a light on Microsoft's publishing policies that eventually led to some major reversals: Microsoft no longer charges developers to update XBLA games and have instituted the ID@Xbox program to encourage self-publishing on the Xbox One.

That's well and good, but the bugs that did get patched out are way more interesting to look at. Bédard posted a collection of development screenshots in a Reddit AMA thread yesterday, in response to a question about programming. I couldn't code my way out of a paper bag so Bédard's explanations are all Greek to me, but that doesn't keep me from enjoying his weird accidental art. It's pretty cool that this:


… eventually turned into this:


[Reddit via @renaudbedard]

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